How to deliver a ‘perfect’ user manual

Posted: 21/01/08 in Technical Communication

There are a lot of conditions that must be met in order to come up with the best UM. I thought of some of them in an ideal world of TWs. But maybe some of them have been a part of your life.

– you need a bunch of users who misled you for the help-desk and who won’t quit asking questions or giving you feedback until they know all that can be known about the application, the tool or whatever you fancy writing about.

– you need also a lot of documentation that can answer you any question you might have about the application or whatever. of course, this condition comes with the condition that all the SMEs involved will be more than happy to assist you with all the information you may need.

– you have the application up and running from day one until after deadline and you get all the support from the Support.

-you got to say your opinion on the application and you might got more than a funny face. Yes, I know, that seems ideal even for an ideal world. You may skip this one.

-you got everything in place and you got a lovely application with so well-structured features and all functional flows that documenting it looks like a story-telling rather than a dark, gloomy endeavour of discovering the forgotten language of Maya (that might not be so gloomy, but I had no inspiration).

-you got the right motivation and the exact spirit to deliver a user manual that even Test team will be able to use it for their User Cases.

-you might get also all the feedback on time for the production release and if, all things considered, you are born under a lucky star, even a bonus. but that’s not even possible in a parallel universe, so it’s better to forget about it.

Well, not too may conditions, but I am sure I’ve missed a lot of them. If you have more of them and you want to share, just write them down.


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