today I enjoy this kind of music

Posted: 26/03/08 in Bloguri

I also enjoyed reading about the number 8 obsession, the false problem of the new wave of the Romanian cinema, how to convince some of the left that not all that glitters is gold, the genius behind Hard Talk – Romanian version of course, the 3rd weekly from Chinaman and some other stuff.

I must confess that I was highly surprised to see posts about the Black Sea, Romanian-people-way-back-into-Romania and Romania-some-old-period-in-history posts on the Cosmos blog. Should I worry? Should I stay? Anyway, the Romanian troll of blogosphere does his usual job with useless yet funny comments about Gramo… no links, there are so many left everywhere… sorry for the English, it’s because of the music… Yes, I had no idea what to write in my post, that’s why I put some links to my today-favourites… but in this sea of no-sense politics, Nato summit and everything-but-the-essential-about-God (too many useless links to add) posts and blogs, I find that some posts really matter. And they do.

  1. anaAyana spune:

    Wow, I luv it! I will listen this track on repeat.

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