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Posted: 3/02/09 in Bloguri, de ce, floue, Writing

when you lose interest, what else is left to keep on going? This morning, when my English thoughts rushed in during my 21 bus journey to 12, Rue de Genève, the question seemed to stick around all the way.

in other parts of the world, people are concerned about biometric passports, a new iPhone comes on the market in summer, there is a site called Alltop that aggregates blog posts by topic, such as technical writing, Luana is readjusting to Romania, OMV or Kazmunaigaz or some other company just got good news from The Hague, Lars and Simona have some serious issues with Romania of today, I don’t really see the similitudes, but maybe I am blind… and yes, no Flash on iPhone anytime soon… and a piece of advice: don’t let your USB with pics for them to have an idea when you order a cake… because you may end up with that

so, is it really necessary to have an interest or it goes on inertia or habit … maybe tomorrow I will find an answer… and after that (years) I will buy one of those…

  1. Luana spune:

    hey, m-am intalnit pana la urma cu Magda. te salut si eu :)) :-H

  2. mihaela spune:

    Laurentiu Moise are nevoie de ajutorul tau! Hai sa-i aratam ca ne pasa!

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