Oct 24: Technical Communicator?!! Some days I feel like one. Most of days, I am. Anne has an interesting post about this issue. In Europe, in Sweden and Finland primarily, there has been a tendency to replace the TW with TC. Finland has a even a Technical Communication Society and a lot of companies such as Sony Ericsson have openings for technical communicators. The fact is the technical writer term has become somehow obsolete because writing is only a small part of tech writing activity …  and I think I might need to change the name of my blog.

Oct 7: Hi! My name is Daniel Pintilie and this is my blog about technical writing. I wanted to write my blog in English, but then, after finding a large amount of information in English about technical writing, documentation and editing, I decided that a Romanian version would be more appropiate because nobody in Romania bothered to write something in Romanian about technical writing. 

I will add on this page the most interesting links to blogs that deal with technical writing, documentation and editing. If by chance, you only speak English, don’t worry, you may be a very good technical writer if you wish. And my first links:

  1. ole spune:

    Buna idee.Nici eu nu am gasit nimic in romana despre tech writing.

  2. Ana Ayana spune:

    Păi ce faci, te-ai oprit?

  3. Daniel spune:

    Si inca de cand. 😀 Nu are rost sa insir cauzele, dar acum nici macar nu mai sunt TW decat tangential. Asa ca nu pot sa scriu despre subiectul de mai sus, poate despre managemntul unui proiect desi cred sunt atatea resurse despre asta ca nici nu e nevoie de cursuri ci doar de practica. Nu mai zic ca incepusem si unul in engleza. Oricum, multumesc de vizita. Eu ma bucura sa admir pozele pe care le mai adaugi pe flickr.

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